Chastity Belt Reviews


I am very pleased to say that your product is with out a doubt one of the most ingenious items to come along that can actually save a marriage. You see I am a chronic masturbator and have been since puberty. To say that it very nearly cost me my marriage would be an understatement. Once we received your product, that has since changed. I am required to wear the CB-6000 whenever I am at home alone. Usually I come home from work and find the chastity device laid out for me to put on. I quickly put it on and snap the lock shut and then proceed with anything else that needs to be taken care of around the house. Or I will go to bed as I work a rotating shift. Only when my wife returns home would I be released, as she can then keep an eye on my behavior so to speak.

If she goes away for the weekend I am required to wear the device at all times except when I am working. You see she now has three keys, which work out to one for each day of the weekend. She will call me prior to me going to work to tell me where one of the keys has been hidden, I will use the key and then I am instructed to lock the key in a safe place, which only she has the key to. After returning home from work, I will again put on the CB-6000 and secure with the lock. It will stay on until the next day when she will again call and inform me where the next key is hidden and so on.

Your product has several interesting side effects that can sometimes be to say the least stimulating! Recently my wife left for the weekend and as usual I was locked up. I was working on some remodeling in loose fitting clothing, as it was an outdoor project and it was extremely warm and humid. The project required climbing up and down between floor joists to measure and install them. I had finished for the day, and I was sitting at our picnic table talking with my mother-in-law, and I kept noticing a changed look on her face. I didn’t think anything of it, until I went to the bathroom to relieve my self and found that the CB-6000 had been sticking out of the leg of my shorts. How do you compose yourself after going through that? At first I was in shock, then humiliated, and lastly deathly afraid. You see this was to be my wife’s and my secret only. Now I have to worry about when my mother-in-law is going to confront my wife with her findings. I can only imagine how that is going to impact us. Now I am rather humiliated every time I am in contact with her and I am just waiting for her to bring it up when we are alone again. I will just shrink away to nothing when that happens. I can tell you that I am looking forward to the humiliation alright, but I can’t live with her confronting my wife. I would bet that when she confronts me she will insist on me showing her the device in use, and I am going to willingly comply with her wishes. I will do anything to make sure that this doesn’t get back to my wife. I just want the chance to deal with the issue soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I’ve found that another side effect of your product, is that since you can’t achieve a full length erection, all that blood has to go somewhere. Well my wife and I have determined that it is adding to my girth. Which is a good thing as I am not all that well endowed. She seems to be enjoying that benefit.

She has also been pleasantly surprised with the mental effects that being chaste has brought on our relationship, I can only wait to be with her everyday. It has definitely put the spark back into our marriage. Thank You!

I find that the feeling of wearing my trousers is becoming more normal. One actually gets accustomed with each day. It is not unpleasant; but, for me very pleasant. I must say that my feelings for my wife becomes more intense. I have to spoil and caress her even more. Without ulterior motives she allows me to orgasm.
-Detlef, Germany

We just love this wicked little beast. I’ve had insurmountable problems with virtually every other device we’ve tried using them for any length of time. It’s wonderful to have such a comfortable device where the only problem lies with my habit of sleeping on my stomach. That’s a positive side effect – it makes cuddling easier.

Just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the way you guys do business. I found it efficient and friendly and very unusual in this day and age. I have high hopes for the product after enjoying the way you do business. Incidentally, I own a small adult video company and run my business the same way.”

I cannot tell you how happy I am with John’s new CB-6000. It was a great idea to send all 5 rings because we finally used the 1 5/8 size which was perfect. He started wearing it Thursday when it came and hasn’t had any problems. I dropped him off at the airport this morning. I know he will be glad to see me!