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Male Chastity Stories – Positive Male Tales & Popular Questions Answered

  Male chastity is on the rise. With results ranging from heightened sexual pleasure to strengthened intimate relationships, men and women are becoming increasingly curious about this misunderstood taboo. Is it possible to become a sexually heightened being by denying, or being denied, sexual pleasure? Yes. At least that’s what we’ve gathered from the positive reviews…

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Male Chastity Belts made of Polycarbonate Materials

Male Chastity Belts made of Polycarbonate Materials

Our male chastity products are made of polycarbonate material that is hypoallergenic, lightweight, durable with high impact resistant. Polycarbonate has may use and applications. It is commonly used in manufacturing to make phones, computers, data storage, automotive, aircraft and security components. For medical applications where polycarbonate are used must comply with both ISO 10993-1 and…