Our Chastity Belt for Men products are available for immediate purchase and delivery anywhere in the world.  Choose from a variety of style, sizes and design available in complete packages or purchase specific chastity parts and accessories.

Chastity belts or male chastity belts can bring the spark and excitement back into an otherwise stagnant personal and/or sexual relationships. Chastity play can be a fun, exciting, and a definite turn-on for many women or partners who find the power and control to be very erotic to the senses.

Customers who have purchased our male chastity belt products in cases of infidelity finds chastity play has helped bring trust back into sometimes even troubled relationship. It can bring a sense of security to any couple in need of additional trust and control especially in cases of infidelity or as simple as attending a bachelors party.

Our select lines of chastity belt products, CB-6000, CB-6000S, CB-5000, CB-3000 and the Curve (for the well endowed),  are revolutionary and appealing to the fetish enthusiast and/or couples looking to increase their intimacy and sense of adventure. Our customer demographics are diverse coming from all ethnic background and various income levels. The male chastity products appeals to men as well as women. The misconception is that the male chastity device is only purchased to correct a wayward husband. In reality, the majority of customers purchasing male chastity devices fall into two main groups: either fetish devotees or couples interested in expanding their sexual experiences with chastity play.


I cannot tell you how happy I am with John’s new CB-6000. It was a great idea to send all 5 rings because we finally used the 1 5/8 size which was perfect. He started wearing it Thursday when it came and hasn’t had any problems. I dropped him off at the airport this morning. I know he will be glad to see me!

Just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the way you guys do business. I found it efficient and friendly and very unusual in this day and age. I have high hopes for the product after enjoying the way you do business. Incidentally, I own a small adult video company and run my business the same way.”

We just love this wicked little beast. I’ve had insurmountable problems with virtually every other device we’ve tried using them for any length of time. It’s wonderful to have such a comfortable device where the only problem lies with my habit of sleeping on my stomach. That’s a positive side effect – it makes cuddling easier.