How long can I wear your chastity belt?

Your question:

Hi. I was wondering if your device was just something to be worn for a few hours for some added fun in bed. Or if it could be left on for weeks at a time while away from each other? Thank you


Yes, it can be worn for long period of times – how long is based on personal judgment. The hypoallergenic materials used in creating the chastity products should protect the user  from developing any rash or irritation. Should a rash or irritation occur, the user can always remove the chastity device by easily breaking off the plastic ring that holds the chastity together thus providing him immediate relief and time to heal.

How long to use the chastity belt will depend on your activities.  It is not ideal for sports or work where you’ll need to move a lot – like in the construction industry.  Use your own good judgment.

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